Theatre Branded Clothes For Actors

Theatre companies come up with creative productions year after year. Some reimagine timeless stories while others are referencing new material. They all keep the theatre industry going by giving fans endless titles to look forward to and providing actors with opportunities to showcase their talents. Indeed, a lot of careers have taken off thanks to stints in the West End and similar venues. All eyes are on the actors whenever there is a production because they play the beloved and memorable characters. Savvy theatre managers can use this fact to their advantage. Actors may be asked to wear promotional clothing inside and outside the premises for the following purposes:

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Brand Awareness

The clothes, usually t-shirts, can be branded with the name of the theatre, the production company, or the title of the story. Wearing these shifts outside will make other people more aware of the show. It will heighten interest and generate buzz on various platforms. After all, the actors can take a picture of themselves and post on social media. Their fans will be curious and the word will spread about the upcoming project. Inevitably, the mainstream media will pick this up and runs various stories about it. It is a subtle yet effective way of increasing brand awareness.

Fund Raising

Sometimes theatres may want to use this strategy to raise funds. Perhaps the facility needs to be upgraded and they need money to make this happen. Maybe there is a long-time member of the staff that has a severe medical condition and they would like to help. They could be staging a benefit show for a colleague and want people to know about it. Traditional advertising would be too costly for this kind of endeavour. They would probably much rather use the ad money to fund the original purpose. Promotional clothing makes actors walking posters and billboards to advertise for free. They could also sell these shirts to the masses and use the proceeds to raise funds. This can work particularly well for popular shows as audiences may want souvenirs.

Official Uniform

Promotional clothing can also be used as the official uniform of all theatre workers from the actors to the crew. These could be their default clothes during practice while the actual costumes are still being made by the wardrobe department. It could be the shirt that everybody wears to their overseas tours and press conferences to show unity.